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Holtzapffel Workbench – Making Progress

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

I’ve been making slow but steady on my bench. After getting my jointer knives sharpened I set about milling the stock for the legs. I’d noticed my dust collector wasn’t running as well as it once did and wondered were all the dust I’d been collecting since I bought it had ended up…


Turns out it all goes into that big sack! So after getting that working I face and edge jointed all the parts for the base. Once that was done it was time to glue the two pieces that comprise the legs together. I’m not a man of many clamps so figured I’d crack open my vacuum press to do the job all in one shot.

This is my trusty vacuum press, built per joewoodworkers plans.

vacuum press

Here it is in action..

vacuum press legs

I could really do with some proper breather mesh for the top but I’ve found it works just as well if I throw some rags in there which is what you can see on top of the legs.

The vacuum pressing worked really well, producing a ton (literally) of nice even pressure on the legs. Which you can see at the bottom of this pile.

base components

So now I have all the bits for the base pretty much ready (and I’ve rough cut most of the pieces for the top too). I’m going to drum sand them to final thickness next week (I think) because my initial plan to use the planer was causing too much chip out in this crazy grained maple. After that I can get down to some joinery.

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