Hoot Harvest & Crush Update

So we picked and crushed on Saturday – couldn’t fit the monstrous automated crushed/destemmer so had to do it all by hand. Luckily my family and neighbors helped out so we were able to get it done. I couldn’t quite face actually tromping them with the old hooves so we did it with our bare hands! So we are doing somewhat of a whole berry fermentation. As picked they were 25.4 brix and after about two days bubbling away they are down to about 18. Super fun punching down the cap and watching it all fizz up and you can smell the brew from outside!

Saturday I have a press reserved but we’ll see where we are at – it might be a bit premature but only time will tell. So who knows how it will all turn out but Hoot Vineyards is in full swing!

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