Hoot Vineyards

The Penney’s recently moved to Moraga and our new house is home to about fifty Pinot Noir vines and to a whole bunch (pardon the pun) of Great Horned Owls so it only seems appropriate to launch Hoot Vineyards :)

Knowing absolutely nothing about wine other than the fact that it’s delicious I’m having to rapidly come up to speed with regards tending grapes and making wine.

Yesterday after noting some yellow leaves I did a soil test which indicated that the soil was completely depleted of Nitrogen, fertilized with some fish emulsion which was pretty grim. I had the first three gallons spill out of my backpack sprayer all over my nice shoes.. sigh. That stuff is pungent to say the least. Hopefully the emulsion will perk things up, will wait three four days to see how things are doing and potentially follow up with a foiliar spray.

We should be approaching veraison soon and in preparation of harvest which should be about six weeks later I invested in a refractometer.  This cool little gadget takes a drop of juice and tells you how much sugar is in the grapes. When it hits 25-26 degress brix it’s time to pluck em.


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