Google Groups KillFile 3.5.2 Released

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Thanks to an anonymous user there is a fix for the missing Killfile menu option. I haven’t tested this personally but hopefully it address the problems people have been having since Google updated things.

Here is the link to the updated script.

Google Groups KillFile 3.5.2

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8 thoughts on “Google Groups KillFile 3.5.2 Released

  1. Tater

    This version don’t seem to work. Tater can’t killfile no one, and can’t remove no one from the old killfile list.


  2. Tater

    I am unable to remove or add anyone to the killfile. It seems the killfile stays around somewhere on the HD so that if I uninstall the filter script and reinstall it, I still have the same old kill file. If I could find the killfile and remove it, maybe a new installation of the script would work.

  3. Damian Post author

    I’ve just tested it with the latest Greasemonkey and it’s working fine for me. Your killfile is stored as a firefox property.

    Type about:config into the address bar and then search for groups – you will see this entry Groups Killfile.GoogleKillFile

    Right click on it and select reset to clear your killfile.

    Hope this helps – Damian